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"For her New York recital debut Tuesday night in Carnegie Recital Hall, Hanna Lachert chose a particularly demanding but not altogether unrelenting program of the 20th century music. The young Polish violinist conquered every difficulty - in fact, she is such a superb musical technician that she would very likely be impressive no matter what she played. Bartok's Solo Sonata almost defies a completely adequate performance, but Miss Lachert controlled the notes as few can. The lean purity of her tone was astonishingly accurate even inn the most awkward passages, and the measured intensity of line brought the entire piece into vivid, cogent focus. Even in somewhat less interesting music (Wittenberg Winter Music and Penderecki's Three Miniatures), Miss Lachert's communicative dedication held one's attention, while the range of timbral color and lyrical sweep of Szymanowski's "Myths" and Ravel's Tzigane were breathlessly engrossing. The Debussy Sonata, poised and sinuous, also seemed virtually flawless. Joseph Bloom's excellent accompaniments set the seal on a brilliant recital."
     — The New York Times, "Impressive recital by Hanna Lachert"

"...her solo recitals have been more interesting than most. That is partly a matter of her performing ability. But it is even more a question of programming....the long line, the confident attacks and the big sweet tone were there and they served most of the music very well."
     — The New York Times

...The precise ensemble, clean attacks and clearly outlined dynamics plus a joie de vivre that was infectious all contributed to making the performance exceptional. Miss Lachert, especially, played with a flair that made us sit up and take notice."
     — The New York Post, "Philharmonic's hidden talent"

"...impressive concerts featuring some of New York's most celebrated musicians....The performance could hardly have been bettered...
     — Daily News, New York

"Ms. Lachert performs on a violin made by her husband. Its rich, warm, and deep tone was just right for the ensemble's interpretation of Mozart's Trio in C major, KV 548,... This current performance was notable for its clarity of line and decidedly modern sound... and Ms. Lachert impressed with a well drawn singing line."
     — The New York Sun

"The New York Philharmonic's Ensembles...clean and exciting performances..."
     — New York Post

"Hanna Lachert, undoubtedly has more color on her tonal palette than one hears in three ordinary violin recitals"..."intense lyrical tone that is vibrant and compelling;"
     — The Washington Post, "A Rainbow Assortment"

"Controlling her instrument with the grace and unerring technique of the tested virtuoso, probing the work's rhapsodic and chromatic tonality, Miss Lachert succeeded in fulfilling the romantic-impressionistic spirit of the Concerto (Szymanowski)."
     — The Jewish News, Newark

"Lachert is a stately, poised, gifted violinist whose sound was always clear but never harsh. (Brahms Double Concerto) Even in the most bravura passages in the high register of the violin, her playing was clean and easily heard. Both soloists displayed their technical prowess, while always maintaining the musical line and mood of the piece."
     — The Manchester Journal

"Chamber Concert a Delight"
     — The Herald, Hartford

"...it is a fact that both the violinist and her excellent partner pianist gave everything, They offered the amazingly captivated audience (The hall was full till the brim) a passionate, fully engaged emotionally interpretation of the piece (Penderecki's Sonata #2) ... for the effort required to prepare this extremely demanding sonata both artists deserved high appreciation and for that particular performance sincere bravos"
     — Nowy Dziennik, New York

"I was aware of Hanna Lachert's class, and of her continuing active contribution to the concert scene...Starting with "the Spring", one of the most beautiful and most often performed of Beethoven Sonatas, we could luxuriate in an ideal transparency of form and a culture of continuous musical dialogue."
     — Nowy Dziennik, New York

"Eine große Kariere möchte man dagegen schon jetzt der wesentlich reiferen polnishen Geigerin Hanna Lachert prophezeien, nicht nur wegen ihres außerordentlich festen, kräftigen, in Beethoven Mitlelsatz lyrich-seidigen Tons, sondern auch wegen ihrer tiefschürfenden, reich differenzierten Interpretation." ["...she displayed an extraordinary sound - intense and firm yet lyrical and silky as well."]
     — Hambuerger Abendblatt

"Mit empfindsamer Togenbung verlicht sie dem zweiten Satz viel Atmosphere. Ihr Spiel gewann durch die volle Bogenausnutzung an Farbe und Kontrast."
     — Die Welt, Hamburg

"Hanna Lachert aus Warschau, spielte Mendelssohns Violinkonzert verinnerlicht, zart und mädchenhaft. Nach anfänglicher Nervosität gewann ihr Spiel an Sicherheit und süßem Volumen. Technische Hochleistungen waren die Kadenz des 1. Satzes und das Finale. Das Publikum erzwang eine Zugabe."
     — Norddeutche Nachrichten, Hamburg

"...The whole was done with a devotion and conviction behind which a quite remarkable brilliance seemed to come without effort."
     — The Bulletin, Brussels, "Brother and sister duo charms"

"...truly extraordinary artistic event..."
     — Ruch Muzyczny, Warsaw

"Hanna Lachert przewodziła zespołowi doskonale, dażąc do równowagi między emocją a intelektem. Zachwycające frazowanie, piękna barwa dźwięku, zawsze dopracowany kontur frazy i strerylna intonacja - to tylko niektóre z zalet skrzypaczki..." ["... Hanna Lachert demonstrated an excellent leadership, striving to balance emotion and intellect. Captivating phrasing, beautiful tone quality, always polished phrases and impeccable intonation - these are only some of the violinist's virtues ..."]
     — Ruch Muzyczny, Warsaw

"Grana była po mistrzowsku. Tak pogłębionej interpretacji nie zdarzyło mi się dotąd usłyszeć.... Nie mam wątpliwości, ze Hanna Lachert jest w obecnej chwili najlepszą polską skrzypaczką." ["...there is no doubt that at present moment Hanna Lachert is the best Polish violinist."]
     — Kurier Polski, Warsaw, " Skrzypaczka znakomita" [Beethoven Sonata Op.96]

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